Our purpose

St John’s Uniting Church is a welcoming, caring, faith-based community which provides a meeting place to journey together in our relationships with God and with one another. We connect with the wider community of Elsternwick and its surrounds and strive for social justice and sustainability in practical ways in our changing world.

Our vision

Our vision is to create and maintain a vibrant, compassionate, and sustainable meeting place and activities where people feel accepted and safe. We seek to offer pathways for individuals and families to grow in their spiritual journey and broaden their involvement in the wider community.

Our core values are:

  • Spiritual Growth: Exploring together traditional and alternative forms of worship and learning,  including the energy of music, which cater for the diverse community in which we live, on Sundays and at other convenient times.
  • Connections:  Offering a variety of activities reflecting the people in the community.
  • Social Justice: Listening to, learning about,  and supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable people locally and globally.
  • Sustainability: Using our resources wisely to build community in a sustainable and responsible way.
Our Values - Elsternwick Uniting Church